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COBRA & State Continuation

Alerus Retirement and Benefits excels in areas required to perform accurate COBRA and State Continuation: knowledgeable personnel who are focused on interpreting compliance laws and carrying out policy on a day-to-day basis.

An efficient, proven process exists for assuring optimal communications between your organization and Alerus on qualifying events, changes in status, and other sensitive information impacting COBRA and State Continuation.

Through proper administration of COBRA—maintaining coverage only for qualified individuals for the time periods dictated by law—your company can realize savings in overall healthcare costs.

COBRA and State Continuation includes the following services:

  • Mass population mailing for general notification.
  • New hire notification.
  • Handling continuant/retiree inquiries.
  • Premium payments processed through a secure lockbox.
  • Carrier terminations following continuation election, additions, and changes according to established process.
  • Qualified event notification to all qualified beneficiaries.
  • Online access.
  • Monthly COBRA reports detailing participant and billing activity, premiums, remittances, qualified beneficiary effective dates, election dates, and end dates.
  • Monthly invoices to qualified beneficiaries (send premiums coupon booklet).
  • Premium collection and distribution.
  • Change in premium notifications.
  • Assistance with open enrollment process.

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To make online COBRA premium payments, please contact our Customer Service at (800) 761-1934

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