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Payroll Administration Services & Human Resources Support

Most employers and human resources departments recognize that the hardest part of administering their benefit programs is the ongoing data collection and remittance that must be sent to your benefits administrator(s). Virtually all of this data is stored inside an internal payroll system or with the current outside payroll vendor.

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Alerus Retirement and Benefits understands this need and works closely with employers to provide the opportunity to consolidate benefits administration with payroll processing.  Our comprehensive and totally integrated human resources and payroll systems encompass all aspects of benefit management.   Our expertise and flexibility are the core of our successful payroll administration, allowing us to design the solutions that best meet the unique needs of each company.

Payroll Questions? Call 800.898.9344 and choose option 3.

Choosing Alerus' payroll service permits our internal benefits administrators to interact with our payroll department, allowing them to efficiently coordinate and perform the following administration services:

  • Calculation and remittance of 401(k)/403(b) contributions each pay period.
  • Self-billing maintenance of group and voluntary benefits.
  • Flexible Spending Accounts administration, including “in-check” reimbursement versus having to reimburse employees via separate check.
  • Calculation and remittance of Health Savings Account contributions each pay period.
  • Year-end census data collection automatically accumulated and sent to the Alerus Compliance Department.

Alerus payroll services include state-of-the-art capabilities for:

  • Payroll Processing
  • All Requisite Tax Filing (Federal and State)
  • Human Resources Solutions
  • Employee Direct Deposit
  • Timekeeping Solutions
  • Custom Reporting
  • Integration with Benefits Administration

Outsourcing payroll to Alerus can save both time and money while easing the administration demands of your human resources team. Call 800.898.9344 and choose option 3 to discuss your needs!

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