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Time & Attendance Management

Alerus Retirement and Benefits believes that minimizing payroll expenses with an effective Time and Labor Management solution is critical to maintaining a competitive edge. A strong balance between high-level automation and ease of use helps ensure a quick rollout and greater acceptance.

Increase Productivity:

  • Easily expand or scale back functionality.
  • Automatically assign employees based on skills, work preferences, or lowest cost.
  • Quickly identify deviation from schedules and attendance infractions through system alerts.
  • Capture last minute changes to schedules and reassign employees based on availability.

Various Data Capturing Alternatives (mix & match):

  • Alternative Timesheet Formats
  • Traditional Swipe/Keypads | barcode, magnetic, proximity
  • Personal Handheld Devices | PDAs
  • Biometric | hand recognition, fingerprint
  • External Systems | access control, phone switches

Create a Fair & Unbiased Work Environment

  • View historical attendance patterns.
  • Flexibility in workflow, including override capabilities.
  • Simplifies requesting and approving time off.
  • Apply your business rules to meet your company's expectations.

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